Wednesday PM
After each guild meeting those who wish to participate in our Wednesday PM group may bring a brown bag lunch and stay for an afternoon of sewing. You may choose to work on the project selected for the month or one of your own. Details of each project will be listed on this page and supply list will be provided.
This little sewing bee is a great way to meet  and make new friends, get in a little extra sewing time and share expertise with others. We hope you will join us.
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April 2020 Project - Cascading Waters Meeting Cancelled
This block appears very easy and is very easy.  When you put it on point it changes the whole look.  My quilt top sample has 32 squares but you could make it smaller or bigger or take 3 and make a runner.
For the 5 inch square in the middle I used leftover strata (strip set) from a bargello for my first quilt.  I have simplified the centre and will show those interested in making it with a 3 strip strata or you can make it with 5 inch squares.

Background material
One square needs 2 each - 2.5 x 5 inch and 2.5 x 7 inch rectangles
I recommend pre cutting the background material into 2.5 inch strips and then sub cutting the strips into
2.5" x 5" and 2.5" x 7" rectangles.

Coloured materials (16 different pieces minimum 5" x 15")
1 square needs 1 5" square and 2 2.5" squares of material.

If you want to do a strata (strip set) centre then sew 3 2.25" strips of coordinating materials together.  Make as many as you want for the centre square but do not cut.  Leave them as 5.75" width strata.

Heart Warming Wall Hanging
with Catherine Gardner
For the wallhanging(approx 27"x22") materials needed are:
59 medium to dark 2.5" squares
84 light 2.5" squares
+2 3" squares for dowel hanging option
26" of 1/4" dowel, I cut mine after finishing for perfect fit.
3 strips 2.5" WOF for binding
29"x34" fabric for backing
27"x32" batting
Note: The size of the squares used aren't important as long as they're all the same
and the number of lights and darks are same as above. 59"x50" lap or crib size can be made with 5" squares.

Thank you to Maureen O'Neill for showing us how to use our "bits" to make fabric for patchwork blocks.  Thank you to Sherry Harnden for showing us the "Mile-a-minute" technique using strips and bits to make fabric for blocks.  Two different methods of construction with interesting and creative results.
There were some great projecs being created during the afternoon.  Christmas mug rugs, place mats, and blocks using these leftovers.  Please remember to bring your items for show and tell.

For October 30th ... "Double Oven Mitt Potholder"
Shirley Challice will be showing us how to make the "Double Oven Mitt Potholder".
Note: the insulated batting will be provided.
2 strips of 2 coordinating, or same, fabric, cut 6.5" x 35"
4 squares coordinating, or same, fabric, cut 7" x 7"
1 insul-bright, cut 6.5" x 35" (supplied by Wednesday afternoon group)
2 squares insul-bright, cut 7" square (supplied by Wednesday afternoon group)
100" 2.5" double-fold bias binding, purchased or hand-made
Note: I made and used my own 2.5" double-fold binding, cut from selvage to selvage.  It worked fine but made on the bias might have worked better.
Shirley also adds "If you plan to stay for the Wednesday afternoon workshop..., it may save time to have the walking foot already attached to your sewing machine."

For October 2nd… ''Strips or Bits''
   ''Strips'' with Sherry Harnden,    ''Bits'' with Maureen O'Neill
    Both end up looking similar, however the techniques are different.
For making a quilt,  table runner, placemat, mug rug …. you name it.

Strips of fabric of any width or length
Bits of fabric…. all those little scraps that you have, any shapes or sizes ( not smaller than 1'')
There will be some strips and bits available for your use if you need some or would like some variety.

Please bring your rotary cutter, scissors, thread, machine, etc. & a square ruler 6'', 9'', or 12" if you have one.
September 2019 Project with Judith Creally - No HST Chevron Quilt
You will needó19 1/4 yard cuts
Cut (2) 3" x WOF strips from the 1/4 yard cuts.
You will have 2 strips of each print, 38 strips altogether.

February 2020 Project
Delectable Mountains with Helen Blaskievich

This block looks complicated, but is really quite simple. It requires a fair amount of sewing.
So prepare ahead for the workshop
. This block can be arranged in many ways for various effects.
You may wish to work on the blocks only, then choose a layout. My sample is 44x44. To make the
same, cut the following:
- 24 light squares and 24 dark squares 7" x 7"
- 12 light squares 6" x 6"
- 48 light strips 1
½" x 6"
- 48 dark squares 1 ½" x 1 ½"
- 16 light squares 6" x 6"  DO NOT CUT THESE SQUARES !!!!

Stitching….Match light and dark squares right sides together. Draw a diagonal line.
Stitch ¼" on both sides of the line, cut on the line for Half Square Triangles. Press to the dark side.
Trim to 6"x6". This will make 24 Half Square Triangles.
March 2020 Project
Triple "T" Project, Tea Towel Topper, with Sherry Harnden
  • 1 tea towel (prewash to remove stiffness)
  • .2 m of fabric
  • 8" x 8" square of batting
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Thread to match towel
  • 1 ¾" to 1" button (a button with a shank works very well, but any button will do)
  • Paper scissors
  • Walking foot
  • Square up ruler (8, 9 or 12")*
* There are three 12" square up rulers available for use
  • Wash tea towel.
  • Cut 2 8" x 8" squares from your fabric.
May 6, An Update from Sherry Harnden "During the 'stay home' period, I've been making masks for the hospital as many others have been doing.  Since I've ran out of elastic, I turned to making tea towel toppers - thirty-three so far.
Guess what everyone is getting for Mother's Day, birthdays etc.  It has been a lot of fun."